WTB: Razer Atrox, Release, Beta or Prototype Model


Hey I am looking for a Razer Atrox arcade stick.

While I don’t mind, I preferably want a PCB-less Atrox (at least the core board) and/or without stock Sanwa parts. If you do have the Beta version to sell though, PM me as well since I might be interested as well. Hell if you have the all black prototype that was shown at TGS and [The Fighters Alliance had](The Fighters Alliance Box opening of Razer’s Arcade stick hit me up.

I am fine with it being shipped but if you are going to EVO I can pick it up there as well, after paying of course.

Thanks guys!


I don’t think folks are allowed to sell the Beta versions.


Was that something Razer said? If it can’t be sold regardless of reason, then I am fine with it. Same with the prototype.

Hmm… apparently someone was selling his [here](WTS - Hori SVC and Razer Atrox Beta I don’t know if the transaction happened.


i have the one that was used at tgs but we are not allowed to sale it sorry :-/