WTB:Real Arcade Pro: EX Premium VLX - Xbox 360

if any kind soul can hook me up with one of these (preferably in new/mint complete condition) I’d be eternally grateful:

i have a brand new one for $400. located in 95127

@famitsu1 - I don’t think you are going to get a better deal than that.

I’ll pm you asiangrafx.

asiangrafx didn’t want to ship to the UK so I’m still on the look out for the stick. Anyone?

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I have a collection of Hori VLXs. We can talk turkey on prices and if you are willing to pay for the shipping to the UK then I don’t see a problem.

Hopefully you didn’t break any rules for posting the same topic in the forums but I replied to you in your original post at WTB:Real Arcade Pro: EX Premium VLX - Xbox 360

Hi, like the title says.
Having troubles finding a mint/new boxed complete Xbox 360 version so thought I’d go down the PS3 route.
Ideally I’m after a brand new or totally mint and complete one (boxed etc):
I’d prefer the Diamond version if possible.


But this will do to:


Any help greatly appreciated.

doubt hes looking for a modded one. most people want stock and mint

I’m sure he doesn’t want a modded one. It’s a good thing I do have a few that are stock, mint and still in the box. I wouldn’t have replied to his post if I couldn’t entertain his request. But thanks for your concern.

Sorry to assume :slight_smile:

That statement was relevant August 2015. As the world turns, my VLX collection has matured.