WTB Real or Pelican ps2 ps3 converter adapters

I am looking for either a Real or Pelican ps2 to ps3 adapter if you have one for sale how much are u selling it for?

$11 + shipping (~$16)


Took exactly one week to get to me.

Yeah i was wondering if someone would sell me theirs cuz im not sure if i have acess to a creditcard right now

are the USB plugs as bad as everyone is saying?

do they easily come out of the ports or is it okay?

Never heard of that… but hasn’t happened to me once yet. Had it for like 2-3 months now and even took it to a tournament and it hasn’t done it.

i bought several of them just in case they stop making these like the pelican. get the real!

Thanks already ordered mine hopefully its good just as everyone says

hahaha the only people who go on about that are people who are trying to offload there pelicans for lots of $$$ since these are a cheap BETTER alt

usb plugs are fine havnt had a drama unless your flinging your stick into the air you wont have a problem either

What he said. The USB plug slides in and out pretty easy, but there’s enough hold that it doesn’t just slide off.

Besides, if all else fails, tape that shit. No reason to be paying $100 for a converter when this $11 one works perfectly fine.