WTB: REAL ps2->ps3 converters

It seems this is the only converter that works with the PCB I have and since it’s not available on MyCarryingCase anymore, this is my best bet.
If anyone has one let me know. I see them sell for 28$ on here but if you’d rather trade for my InPin converter (sine REAL sucks with Dual Shock but InPiN doesn’t).
Someone save me from my plight.

I bought one off eBay about a month ago. Works flawless on my PC. Haven’t tested it on PS3 yet, but it’s advertised as being compatible with both.

Here’s the exact one I bought

I need an exact Real one. My stick has a ps1 non dual shock pcb (old school baby) which means there are very few converters that work with it. I’ve already tried 3 models and I’m tired of spending money for nothing. It’s been confirmed the REAL one works so I’m going just for that.

By real you mean the official Sony one? I have never found, let alone SEEN that shit, ever.

edit: Nevermind, I think this is what you’re looking for

Can’t seem to find them for sale online, good luck.

Pelican is probly the best, but they are rare and expensive now. My friend has TWO of them and it pisses me off

By REAL he means the brand/company REAL.

Come on, someone help whitey out.

yo valaris… i’ve been lookin all over the net to find the same converter… ebay does not have have it and amazon no longer carrys it and it says that they are not sure if they will get it back in stock… but i did manage to find a site that has a converter that looks pretty much the same but i doesnt have REAL name brand… check it out… hope this helps…


first img is the 2in1 convertor and the 2nd img is the REAL… looks the same to me

Hmmmm thanks for the link dude. I’ll check it out. Worst case scenario I’ll buy it and if it doesn’t work with my specific problem, I’ll sell it in trading outlet. Thanks.

That sure does look like it…

I heard they stopped making them because of the Olympics or soemthing like that… they should make them again?

Yeah, I’ve heard that same rumor. Something along the lines of the Chinese government shut down a bunch of factories to cut down on air pollution during the Olympics. Being impatient I posted in the trading post here to buy one and didn’t get any replies so I just kept scouring eBay every day for a REAL and a Pelican. After about a week a Pelican showed up for buy it now $50, I offered the person $45 and they took.

My suggestion would be to just keep your eyes on eBay and these forums and my carrying case and one is bound to show up eventually.

i’m gonna pick up the 2in1 convertor this week and i’ll let you guys kno if its worth it

I have a pelican that I could sell if anyone really wants one, but I would like 80 for it. Yea its not cheap, but I prefer having it regardless just due to its build quality, so to part with it, I would have to make a profit, otherwise I prefer to keep it, heh. So if anyone wants one, for sure, I do have it in stock.

What happens when you play too much arcana heart :razz:

Not sure what your referencing, heh, but my Kamui does fine with my pelican adapter 8P. Though I tend to play it more on my ps2 than ps3.

check out this review at sdtekken… heard this converter is better than the pelican and REAL

valaris, I have an extra REAL that’s brand new. I am interested in that Korean converter that you said you want to trade. PM if you are interested.

I remeber seeing the Pelicans last year everywhere in september/october/november, and almost bought one. Then I got into sticks around December time and when I went to go buy one they were gone… like vanished. I asked the monkeys behind the counter where they all went and they didn’t have a damn clue. They must be there somewhere… I must find them! To the Bat Mobile!