WTB: Red Bubbletop

Hi there, I’m looking for a red bubbletop for my stick. I’m located in the USA for shipping.

anyone able to help?



they dont make red bubble tops. i wish they did

yes they do, lizard lick has them but they aren’t taking orders till may

wait, is this orange?


Yes that’s orange.

I have the above (orange bubbletop) and a normal orange ball top.

I’d be willing to sell for $10.00 shipped for either.

still looking for a orange bubbletop

in japan orange is red and vice versa.
their shading is kinda in between both colors.

that’s a ball top btw.

yeah. I basically want an ORANGE bubble top I guess.

lol what? Colors are universal. I have an orange bubbletop and it’s definitely orange, what you perceive to be red in that picture is due to the lighting and camera/your monitor.

wanna sell that bubble top? :wink:

haha actually I gifted it to my kid sister cause she thought it looked cool, so I’d have to check with her first on that. But just to warn you, it really is orange in person, if you’re trying to buy one to match it up with a red color scheme you’ll probably be disappointed.

Orange is close enough to it for me bro. :smiley:

Hook a brother up :rofl: