WTB: Repairing my 2 SE Fight Sticks

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but i have 2 fight sticks that need to be repaired, If anyone who fixes it lives in the brooklyn area or near brooklyn please let me know. Just let me know a price and we can go from there…

Hit up networkingyuppy or hakdizzle. Both of those guys know their stuff when it comes to modding so they might be able to help you. They’re both located in BKLYN.

just curious, but what’s wrong with them?

Who are they? How do i get in contact with them?

On 1 of them the buttons work but some angles on the stick dont work. On the second stick some points on the stick dont work like the other stick but on this stick the buttons dont work aswell.

Hey how’s it going? Sticky buttons or bad pcb on the Joystick I assume?