WTB replacement bolts for Sega HSS-0130 or HSS-0136


I got a Sega HSS-0130 in mail and one of the bolts that keep the faceplate down was missing. If someone has a junk or parts stick of ether of these ill buy a bolt to fix my stick. It might be custom bolt so that’s why I am asking




its not a custom bolt, its standard M4 carriage bolts, akishop.jp has something similar to them https://www.akishop.jp/nuts-bolts/137-bolt-m4.html## as well as the flanged nuts similar to the virtua stick pro.

old HRAP’s also use them. the hori “tekken 5” stick has some really nicely polished ones… you can also find them on ebay, but its not as well polished.

hope this helps.

(as a fellow HSS-0130 owner, i would help you but i dont have spares myself sorry, welcome to the club)


www.jasenscustoms.com also sells them but his shop is closed til Sept :frowning: