WTB replacement cable for HRAP VX SA

my cable shorted out for my HRAP VX SA and ive been trying to replace it. i took a usb cable and fucked up the wiring so im just gunna say fuck it and see if anybody has one they can send to me. please let me know, i hate playing on psn lol.

You can really attach any USB cable to if if you know what you are doing. I just replaced a USB cable from a V3-SA with a USB cable from a Mad Catz controller.

does it have the same connector piece? i just tried woring another one from a logitech mouse cable and still got nothing.

You gotta cut that end off and re-solder the new cable on. Just match up the colors with each other. You have to know what you are doing. If you do, it’s relatively easy to do.

i just did that with another cable and it didnt work. i took a logitech mouse cable and cut off the end of the hori cable and soldered it onto the mouse cable. i matched the colors and soldered them together however still got nothing when i plugged it into my computer.

could be your pcb is bad. if that’s the case, i have a complete VX-SA pcb i could sell ya. lemme know