WTB replacement screws for TE

Or at least a link to where I can buy some. I took apart my MVC2 TE because I needed a stick for my Qanba and at the time I wasn’t using the TE. Like a dope I have no clue where I put the bag of screws :frowning:

I need them all----the screws that go on the top panel, the screws for the bottom panel (I left the rubber feet on though) and the 4 screws to attach the JLF to the top panel of the stick.


The man = you. Thanks a ton!

EDIT: Doesn’t seem they have the other screws though…the bottom panel shouldn’t be a big deal, any idea where I can get and what kind of screws I need to attach the JLF to the case? (It has the mounting plate and all)

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