WTB Replacemnt HRAP3 Panel


Looking to buy a replacement panel for an HRAP3 case I have lying around.

I’m aware of - http://thegamesurgeons.com/Hrap%20panel%20replacements2.html

Just thought I’d ask to see if anyone had one they’d be willing to part with.

Pm me the details please, thanks for your time.


I have a T6 panel, it’s the same as HRAP 3, but the plexi needs to be custom cut for it. The joystick is farther left than the other sticks.


You have the panel from this stick? http://www.amazon.com/Hori-Tekken-Arcade-Fighting-Stick/dp/B002Y2FKDE
I’m not too good at modding, not sure I want to venture into cutting my own plexi just yet…


Yes it’s that panel. It has stickers on it because my cousin wanted to design it. I can remove it and clean it if need be.


I think I’ll continue to search for a regular panel, I appreciate the offer though, thank you.