WTB:RJ-45 Mod Cables (PS2 & Gamecube)

Wanted to complete my TE Mod which has the MC Cthulhu & RJ-45 soldered on the board already All I Need are

1x PS2 RJ-45 Cable
1x Gamecube RJ-45 Cable

I live in the Metrowest Orlando, FL area
I can send paypal within very short notice
If interested in making the cable send me a PM

I’ll take the case! Sending pm

lmao I sent u a PM
Interested in PS2 (Not Original PSX)
And interested in Gamecube

Is there anyone else that answer the call …?
Have not received a word after I sent a PM

Replied to your pm, psx cable is the same whether it’s for psone or ps2