WTB Rollie Flash-1



I’m in the market for a Rollie Flash-1 optical for Sanwa JLF, doesn’t matter the condition (I only need the top plastic casing not the actual PCB).
I need the top part with the Sanwa Logo on it. If you want to sell this to me separately I’ll pay $15.00, but if you want to sell the whole PCB then I’ll pay $30.00.

I live in the US, pm me if you got one for sale.


how much do hayabusa’s go for/you want to pay?



Depends on the shop, they are anywhere from 30-40 bucks.


I have one. $30 and it’s yours shipped within the continental US.


Cool, I’ll PM you.


Payment sent to @NENDO



New WTB posted.


Got it today, thanks for the deal.


i may have a Rollie Flash 1 kit. let me look when i get off work later today and i’ll get back to you.


Ok, sounds good.