WTB: Round 1 TE side panels that aren't white or black

I realize this is a longshot and I’m basically looking for something that apparently no longer exists, but I have combed the internet like a crazed man in an effort to find some unused stock of various color TE sides. If anyone has anything they wouldn’t mind selling, I’m looking for pretty much any color that isn’t white or black - namely, pink, purple, blue, light blue, so on. (I can’t remember what was originally offered in MCZ’s store, so please pardon my ignorance.)

*edit: I realize when I said “unused” it makes it sound like I’m looking for new parts. I should have said “not-in-use”, new or used is fine as long as they aren’t beat to death.



Bump. Still looking for this stuff. Have cash in hand. Also looking for green sides.

if you want ‘s’ sides, i got some SCV sticks, come with a red and a blue side per stick

Thanks, but not quite what I am looking for.