WTB/S/T Seimitsu buttons


I messed up my order with Akihabarashop. I am in need of one 24mm blue Seimitsu button with a clear plunger. I am willing to buy this, or trade it for one white Seimitsu button of the same type. I am also, if someone has one of the buttons I need to buy, willing to sell said white button for $3 shipped. But I will hold off selling the button until I know whether I will need it to procure the button I need.

PM me with offers either way. If I do wind up needing to buy the button off someone, and get offers to buy the white one, it goes on first come, first serve basis.

Just so no one will be confused by my descriptions, here’s pictures:

This one is the button I need:


This one is the button I’m offering:


I am also selling two blue Seimitsu PS-14-GN. These have blue plungers with black edges. Slightly used (as LT/LB on my fightstick, so very rarely even messed with). $4.50 shipped each.

Also, here’s a picture of this button as well:



I don’t have the button you need, but if you decide to sell the white one, I’d like to call first dibs for purchasing it.

EDIT : Gamingnow.net has that button you need available.


Now you can sell that white one to me. :slight_smile:


Um…I’m holding out until more people from SRK read this thread, because I’m having a hard time wanting to pay $9 for one button ($2.85 + $5.95 Shipping on gamingnow).