WTB Sakura Keychain

Naruto Sakura Keychain. I could try some other places but I figured I’ll go this route first, my old Keychain is rusty and coming apart v_v

Anybody got a spare one lemme know.

so you paraded your sakura keychain around so much that it got rusty? are you sure you’re black? :confused: :rofl:

but real talk. I don’t have a sakura keychain but I got this tigger keychain from disneyland. if you’re interested let me know.

PFFT i thought you meant SF sakura

fuck naruto

yo dawg, I forgot to mention I made this Sonic Adventure keychain in my autocad class in high school. I could be talked into selling it if the price is right. Hit me back!

shoo :3333

PM sent. (Monte)

Still Looking!