WTB: Sammy Guilty Gear Stick

Does anyone have one of these for sale? Its more for nostalgia/collecting then anything else. I don’t want to pay very much for it. I just love GG and would like to have one for my collection.

Lemme know if you’d like to part with one.

Bump, anyone have one?

I have one but the PCB burnt out on it and I was in the middle of rewiring when I shelved it.

snap I was hoping to get one in working condition.


Thanks, Evil, I was actually not looking to spend that much, I’m more-so collecting it so the cost plus the importing is a bit out of my range. I appreciate the link though!

Japanvideogames is located in California so you don’t have to be looking at international shipping.

Yeah, its still a bit high

That stick is actually quite rare, at least in the US. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to find it at a bargain bin price unless someone doesn’t know what they have which probably isn’t the case on SRK.


I figured it would be pretty easy to get and not overly expensive. I’ll keep on looking.

I have this stick. I don’t have it up for sale right now and it’s my only stick. I’d be willing to make a trade for another stick, but I doubt I’ll sell it. The stick works great for Guilty Gear, but since it’s my only stick GG is the only 2d fighter I can play with a stick for now.

Got nothing to trade man sorry. Purchase only.