WTB: Sanwa 2lb springs (I know...!)

So I ordered an optical and FA didn’t have any in stock. All other places charge at least 10$ to ship… So if any of you can ship to Canada in an envelope, I’d appreciate it!

Contact Paradise Arcade Shop and tell them what you need. I believe they can put in in an envelope and ship it to you on the cheap.

I’ll probably do that but I already contacted them about shipping another item a few days ago and didn’t get a reply. Second time they ignore emails even when I ordered something from them. Been waiting on a partial refund on something for more than a month. They’re good people but I have a problem with having to be persistent to give my $$ to a business.

dont one of the guys from there post on here? you should pm him

Should’ve grabbed the 4lb spring for fun.

I actually kinda like the stock JLF spring with the copper ring. Sooooo smooth. I think there was a stretched LS-32 spring in there…

If push comes to shove OP; just about any hardware store sells 100+ assortment compression springs. That’s what people used here before the e-stores started to sell them.

4lbs spring is masturbation training tools…

I ended up mixing a JLF and LS-33 I had stashed, as well as the copper ring that comes with it and it is verrrrry close to perfect. Didnt think i’d like this optical thing as much… So much more responsive. That said, I’ll still gladly take a 2lb spring off of your hands if you do have one!

Is the 2 or 4lb spring equal to the tension of a Happ stick? The default Sanwa spring is too loose for my taste.

4lb is closer to an IL stick iirc in terms of tension. 2lb is pretty light still IMO.

The happ competition is about 3.
The happ p360 had a 5.

I estimate the comp. The p360 stated that in the booklet that came with it.

I’d say…

The 3lbs PAS Spring is similar in feel to the tension in an iL Eurostick & OG Happ (Not that Suzo/Happ garbage) Competition stick.

The 4lbs PAS Spring is similar in feel to the tension in one of those WICO/Happ red square bottom Perfect360 conversion sticks.

The 6lbs PAS Spring is similar in feel to the tension in the standalone WICO or Happ round bottom Perfect360 sticks.

And the 9lbs PAS Spring feels like @Laban cracking brazil nuts with his bare hands.

Gaaah. Still looking if somebody can help my poor soul.