WTB: Sanwa Bat Top

I’m looking to buy or find a sanwa bat top for my hrap2. I’m not sure what colors it comes in but black or pink would be nice. Couldn’t find it in the trade outlet so far.

The LB-30N? It needs an adapter to fit on most sticks.

Ponyboy sells them in red, white, blue, and black. Not sure about the adapter though.
Akihabarashop sells them in those 4 colors as well, as well as the adapter needed to put them on a normal stick.
Lizardlick sells them in those colors, as well as yellow. (also adapter)

Edit: oh, if you were looking for random people on the board selling them, I don’t remember seeing any in the first 9 pages or so, but then again I wasn’t looking for that.

i would recommend getting one from Lizardlick. you normally get it within 3-4 days of ordering.

lizardlick ships out tues and fri i believe. so its best to order with those dates in mind.

ah thank you for very much for the links.

nope last time i checked he ships out almost everyday.