WTB: Sanwa buttons near walnut CA?

wondering if anyone has any buttons i can buy locally from a shop or from someone i want some SANWA OBSF-30

i need 8 of i prefer to pick them up today if possible

email me at marlono1@yahoo.com

Read the rules on posting in the trading outlet. You can’t post here man.

where it says he cant buy? or post here? i know they cant sell or trade

After reading it all.
You are correct… Oops. I am outta here.

Pm’ed man, check your email

i dont get it many people post they want to buy this and they want to buy that how i get harrased about instead of everyone else
and i read it it does not say anyhting about not askin for an item


MegamanDS said: [COLOR=#1d6297]↑[/COLOR]
*This is basically a NEW UPDATED version of Al the greats old post.

Ok, there are 3 reasons you should be in this forum. You either are buying, trading, or selling.

First of all, post in the thread title either “WTS:…” (want to sell), “WTT:…” (want to trade), or “WTB:…” (want to buy). This should be in EVERY SINGLE THREAD TITLE or your thread will be closed/deleted.*

friday bump!! Los Angeles people were u at?

Yo dude I gotta take out the sanwa’s I got in a chun li TE as a gift today and I’m gonna switch out the buttons. It’s like 6 blues and 2 whites . Lemme know if u wanna buy em. I’m in San berdo