WTB: Sanwa buttons, X360 Brawlstick buttons

Looking for the following things. I’m located in Montreal/Quebec/Canada, so hopefully someone not too far off has these for sale.

  1. Sanwa buttons
    Both 30mm and 24mm.
    I’m in need of enough for 2-3 sticks; let me know what you have. I’m not too picky on color as long as I can make a set of 8 look nice.
    Totally willing to take leftovers; like the TE Rnd1 sets that people swap out? Sell 'em to me!

  2. A complete set of 8 Xbox360 Brawlstick buttons.
    That is, the full set of Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/4xBlack.
    Preferably in good shape with little to no scuffs/scratches, and preferably with working and unmodded microswitches.
    Really not looking to pay very much for these, considering they’re generally considered to be crap buttons that are quickly modded out for Sanwas anyways.

Updated list of wants in first post. :slight_smile: