WTB: Sanwa Flash-01 stick or Optical clone


Hi there im looking to buy the follow items.

Sanwa Flash1 stick or Optical clone. If any buddy has one for sale please pm.

Thanks for ur time.


still looking




may i ask you two whats so good about these? cause they are pretty dam expensive


they are the best sanwa flash and optical clones there is. they are awesome joystick.

i have three optical and one sanwa flash. i want at lets 10 total. i dont care if they are optical b/c they do the job well too.


but whats the difference from a regular sanwa stick?


they response faster and quicker and click free


I not too long ago played with a ascii optical. I found it neat but over rated. Most I’d pay for an optical is $50. Sounds weird but I think hearing micro switches clicking aids me in my execution. Like when I do a combo I can hear how many clicks to stop the half circle or something.