WTB: Sanwa Flash (at least the PCB)

I’m looking to purchase a sanwa flash, preferably in new or like new condition. To be honest though, if the stick is worn to shit and the pcb is still in very good condition, I would be fine just purchasing the pcb - unless I’m mistaken, those can be transplanted into a regular jlf just fine.

I might be interested in an ASCII optical stick if nothing else is available.

I have an ASCII Optical I may be willing to part with.

if he’s not I’m interested. let me know how it pans out.

The one thing Im worried about with the ascii optical is that the pcb isnt compatible w/ the sanwa base (though the sanwa pcb is compatible with the ascii base), so I’m sorta stuck with the whole ascii assembly for better or for worse. Does anyone happen to know if the shaft, actuator etc are interchangeable?


“The difference this makes is that the ASCII PCBs will NOT fit on the Sanwa bases, but the Sanwa PCBs will fit on the ASCII bases.”

thats too bad. thanks anyway though.

Yes I realize the ascii pcb is not compatible with the sanwa base, the whole ascii stick is a-ok as long as I can at least switch the spring if necessary.

How new/used is your ascii optical stick?

The only other thing I’m waitin on some dude from the uk to reply to me on the shmups forum, though he didnt appear to want to ship overseas.

I bought the whole stick new from Japan. I disassembled it to make a custom for myself. I’ve used it maybe a total of 3 weeks. I didn’t like it, so it sits in a JLF box in a cabinet.

pm sent

yes they are