WTB Sanwa Flash or ASCII flash


Hey all im looking to purchase a Sanwa flash or an ASCII optical stick. Name your price im very flexible. I also have an HRAP ex for the Xbox 360 I would be willing to include in a trade if you were looking for a stick instead of just cash. The HRAP is modded with sanwa buttons.


I’ve got an ASCII. 120 shipped. PM if interested.


Pm Sent


you know. im so sorry i didnt notice you were in ontario. i can not sell it to you for this price.


I’ve got a dual-modded stick with an ASCII Optical that I’m selling for $170.

PM me if interested.


ax0r I cant send you a PM your inbox is full


Recently got a ASCII optical and I love it, now I really wanna try a Sanwa Flash. So still looking for a one.


dammit i dont want to sell my flash but might do it.


pm sent




Still looking for a flash =/


Hoping someone has a heart and sells me one =/


Still praying


I have an Ascii Optical up for sale.


Thanks for the offer but I already own one im very happy with, Still looking to buy a FLASH


Still looking for that flash


Are these sticks better than your typical JLFs?


Its a preference thing. They are just hard to come by.


Still hoping


They just have a different feel to them(Flash1) IMO, plus their rare so having one in a custom stick is always a conversation piece

I have a used Sanwa Flash1 in an all black on black blank case with black buttons I might part with. I’ve been thinking about making something out of it but its been collecting dust for a year.