WTB Sanwa Flash or clone

I think the title is self-explanatory. Let me know what your shipped price is.

Zip code is 22027

How much are these going for these days? I have an old clone sitting around that I never got around to putting in a stick, so I might be interested in selling. It’s modded with a JLF spring, the stock spring is the only bad part in ASCII clones (but DAMN is it bad). With the JLF spring it works perfect.

Looking at recent sales, it’s ranged between 50-100, the higher prices generally were a whole kit.





heh, with how much it cost me I wouldn’t be willing to part with it for any less than 120 shipped. Maybe I got ripped off but I wouldn’t wanna lose money on it. If you’re interested then PM me

If you want I’ll throw in the stock spring too :rofl: trust me you don’t want it though.

same here. I want to grab one and try it out. Pm me if you’re interested. :smiley:

Ryu1999 gets first priority but if he doesn’t want it…

My price is 100 plus shipping to be calcualated after I get the area code. I know it’s policy to include shipping but I think everyone wins if I calculate it after instead of rounding the price up.

i saw a dc ascii on ebay but i’m not sure if it was the right one:


I own three ASCII sticks that look like that, one of which i took the optical out of. The buttons are an insult to the divine optical stick and the panel holes don’t fit 30mm buttons (so you have to widen them for sanwas/seimitsu). I don’t think those come with the optical but I could be wrong. If you wanna throw 100 bucks at a chance then I wish you luck :rofl: The one I had that had the optical was black, my white one just had a standard JLF clone with shitty switches instead of a PCB, so I wouldn’t risk it.

god, i want a flash.

I’m definitely interested, just need to find out if its easy to swap in a Flash into a HRAP-1a

The optical is nearly identical to a JLF, with the PCB being pretty much the only difference. If you can mount a JLF into a stick you can almost certainly mount an optical.

If you look at this picture, they screwed through the gate and PCB. You can do that with the optical too except for one problem, the optical PCB only has half of the holes of a standard JFL PCB, so you would have to screw where I put the red X’s. The gate already has a hole there, so it’s no different really from using the holes in that picture, to my knowledge. Don’t quote me there but it should work :stuck_out_tongue:

hah. yeah i don’t think it would be worth a $100 risk.

A trick albert_c (Keystone 2 owner) taught me with mounting my Flash clone to my HRAP 2 is hot glue. Lob a whole ton of that shit on it and it stays. It’s almost been more than 3/4 of a year with traveling in a suitcase and it’s still stuck on there.

I would prob just pay a bit more to get it from someone here to avoid the hassle, but if you really want one and no one is selling, you might wanna check out Yahoo! Japan Auctions. There’s usually a couple of PS2/DC versions listed. I got one of the blue and white DC flash clone sticks for about $20 recently. You could also pay a proxy service a small fee to bid for you which would add a bit to the price, but it would probably come out to be around $50-$60 total after shipping.

+1 this is a great idea.

If you guys are interested, here is a link to search Yahoo! Japan Auctions for “???” (“ASCII”):

Here’s a PS2 stick w/ a Flash clone that’s overpriced (typical price range is roughly 1,500 yen to 3,000 yen):

Here’s the DC stick I got for cheap:

Anyone know how much actual Flashes go for nowadays?

last 1 here sold for 200 bucks, i was gonna buy it,but my trigger finger was too slow, and it was 200 bucks, lol

If you can’t recommend any proxy services, maybe you could do it for a fee? :sweat:

Unfortunately I’m no longer in Japan, but I can recommend Stephanie & Kohei at TokyoBuyers. Pretty good fee rates and great service.