WTB: Sanwa Flash

I know these are impossible to get, but if anyone can be kind enough to sell them to me new or used, I don’t care. I’ll pay any price for them.

wow u really want them. I should have bought one when the seller had one for 80 only pcb but i passed and mast got it.

Theres a guy around here with at least one ascii optical stick, which you can replace everything on w/ jlf parts except for the base/pcb, and performs pretty much identically. Imitrex I think

Can you direct me to the user? That would be great. :smiley:

like i said imitrex

Bumped. Now I need just one Sanwa Flash or Ascii Optical, more specifically Sanwa. NAME YOUR PRICE.

That’s pretty cheap in today’s standards. :stuck_out_tongue: