I have an xbox360 madcatz SE fightstick with sanwa parts in it. But now I just want it to work for PS3 and I’m looking for a cheaper alternative than to buy a new ps3 SE and put my sanwa parts in.


Get a cthulhu and a chimp and you’ll be golden.


The Cthulhu alone will cost me 35 bucks anyway, and a new ps3 SE is going for 40. Then i have to get an imp and usb and make sure the usb is secure somehow.


If price is your bottom line, then you would have to buy a PS3 SE. The cthulhu is still the best route.


a chimp is your best route


What’s the difference between the cthulhu and this -> http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=219484 ?