WTB: Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plates

I am looking to buy 2 Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plates. I just got a HRAP2 SA and will be getting a SFIV TE soon and need the octagonal gates because playing on square gates really bug me and everyone I play with. Hoping to get this soon before SFIV comes out.

me too

I have two that I probably won’t be needing anytime soon, but with international shipping and all I can’t believe it’d be any cheaper than buying from say Lizard Lick (assuming you’re in the US).

You are probably right. LL would come out to around $15.40 for both so I’m just trying to find a better deal than that. If I can’t then I will just order from them. Really, I’m just a broke man trying to reduce further costs on his first pair of arcade sticks xD.

I can see if I have some, not sure if I can beat LL’s price by much though heh, since I bought it at LL. Lol

I can send you one for 13 shipped via paypal. Its brand new.

I got my two gates so this thread can be closed now.