WTB: Sanwa JLF or LS-32


WTB: Sanwa JLF or LS-32


How much are you offering for a jlf?




I’ve got a brand new ls32. I will sell to you for a good price


Pm sent


Pm Replied. Thx


I got 2 LS-32’s for sale. Lemme know.


Those new also? I’m looking to buy today.


They aren’t new, but have maybe 10 Total hours on them. They are in my Blast City cabinet, but most everyone plays on their own sticks when they come through for games.

These will also include Harnesses.


How much? Do you have the Round Restrictor Gate?


I do. I can do one with both gates, and harness for 30$ Shipped.or 55$ Shipped for both with both Gates


Thanks i will let you know im going to wait on Mr Fresh’s reply since he said his was New.


No worries. Let me know, and I can let you know if I still have them.


Eva will you sell me one of the gates?


I’m going to sell everything together. Not looking to part out the sticks.


alright thanks


I have a sanwa JLF if you’re interested. I also have an octagonal gate too.