WTB: Sanwa jlf pcb + square gate

My modded doa4 stick isn’t hitting down back correctly, and it’s going to be a bitch to re-wire… but i g2 try.

Lmk prices

I have the square gate from mine laying around since I threw on the octagon gate, but I dont have an extra PCB. If you want you can have it for $2. I have no need for it and shipping shouldnt be anymore than $2. Or if you want I can find out the exact shipping and you can just pay that.

You know what, its not worth sending such a small amount through paypal or anything like that. If you want my square gate I can send it to you for free. Or you can try to find someone who has both the PCB and gate.

free is always good :slight_smile:

yeah i still have a couple square hori gates (are you looking for hori or the sanwa gates)

anyways i can send you those and the hori microswitches if you want (not like you need the pcb if it’s in a hori stick anyways…)

EDIT: what do you mean it’s not hitting down back correctly, do you have an octagon gate that’s restricting it from hitting both the micro switches? are you looking for a sanwa or hori gate? not sure if you were the one who just changed the gate on their small hori

i got a jlf, don’t need hori gate i don’t think.

I think I have both the JLF 5-pin pcb and the stock JLF gate. I will check with the missus when she gets home. We should be able to work something out.

You got a 24mm snap in or any random spare Sanwa/Seimitsu parts?

sorry to be a bother, but do you know why it’s giving you trouble?

if the octagon gate is keeping the shaft from activating the microswitch on the pcb, then it would seem you just need a new gate

if the shaft is hitting the switches and it’s clicking, but not registering…there shouldn’t be a problem with your gate, maybe the wiring?

Are you sure if its the micro switches that are the problem? It seems odd that its down+back thats the problems and not just all things having to do with down or back.

But anyway, if you send me an address or something I can send the JLF square gate over when I get a chance if you want it.

i dont use octagon, i need a new pcb and new gate cause my gate is worn down from kara palms.

i have a sanwa PCB and a 2 square gates i can send you.

hows 18 shipped sound…

let me know

also on the doa stick i think it doesnt use a common ground… or is that the VF5 stick… cuz if so i think you would have a problem but i dont know cuz i never modded one of those.

it’s a dualshock pcb

also, it hits down + back (even at the same time)… but wont do fireballs