WTB: Sanwa JLF Stick


Lizardlick is currently sold out and isnt restocking for a couple days.

Want to buy this - http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/jlf_tp_8t.jpg

Possibly shipped from California as fast as possible. if possible a redball top if not thats aite, willing to pay around $20 shipped.

need this soon id like my stick modded before sfiv comes out.

thanks :wgrin:


Just FYI it would cost you around 35 shipped from lizardlick for one. Might get more attention on it here if you either raise the price you are willing to pay or state that you want a used one instead of new.


I have JLFs for sale in my selling thread here


Bump… still need one, willing to buy a used one.