WTB: Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick & 2 Sanwa 24mm Screw-In Buttons

Looking for a brand new JLF-TP-8T stick that includes the wiring harness, plate, dustwashers, and etc. I do not need a ball top. I’m also looking for light blue or white Sanwa 24mm screw-ins. If you have 2 whites / 2 light blue or 1 light blue & 1 white, I’ll take it.


i have a jlf but no 24 mm’s

Is it by chance new and how much are you looking to get for it? It’s a JLF-TP-8T, right?

Your PM box is full. Can’t send you my info.

I can do 23 + shipping, it is new. i can put it in whatever configuration is that the same way they put it in the SE or TE? I dont have shaft covers or 8 way gate though.