WTB: Sanwa JLF

Anyone have a new Sanwa JLF they can sell me? I need a new one to pop into my madcatz SE stick.


cipher12.com we got one but we only have red ball tops for now but we have different color ball tops coming in! JLF-8YT = $24.99 (additional ball top: solid color = $2.00 with JLF $2.85 w/o) ($2.50 with JLF and $3.00 w/o)Just to clarify all JLF comes with standard red ball top.

hey man…should I just order directly from cipher12.com? How soon can you ship? A red ball top is just fine…I could care less :slight_smile:

you order today, it’ll be shipped tomorrow and I see that you locate in norcal so you’ll probably get it between 2-5 days. I’m one of the owners of cipher12.com btw. :smile:

k…and this is the right JLF for the madcatz SE right? I also won’t need a wiring harness since I’ll be using the one in the stick already…right?

just make sure you use tape or something to hold the harness together with the pin. =D

Why, I’ve never experience any failling off problems with my Sanwa on my Se stick.

Sweet! I was looking for a Sanwa JLF too. Just ordered one from cipher12. =]

O hey thanks for the order. I saw it on my system and it’ll be shipped tomorrow and like the site said it’ll take 2-3 days priority. Thanks ! :smile:

Yes this is perfect and no harness needed cuz you have it in your stick already.

hey Jtwelve…just submitted my order! :slight_smile:

swt thanks for the biz. it’ll be sent out tomorrow! :smile: