WTB Sanwa JLW (Any model)

I’m looking to buy a couple of JLW sticks since it seems nobody has them in stock. Doesn’t matter what model, I only need the base as I have the shafts and gates I will need. Hmm not sure it exists but a metal base for this model would be awesome!!!

Pics for reference :wink:

On closer inspection the piece I need is the little part just to the right of the ball and the left of main base. It looks like a little cross with a hole in the middle. It seems to be the only weak link in the stick because I’ve broken 3 but I am a bit rough on them at times lol.

I just bought 2 and will consider a 3rd if the price is right. Again I only really need the part described above so if you have one that’s parted out I’ll take just the one piece :wink:

This is my prefered model of Sanwa sticks. I love the JLW. I’m dying for a stick that has a JLW with a square gate, a shaft extender, and a ball top (no homo). I’m actually requesting one in my sale thread. If only I could find one…

was it the throwing of the stick or the stomping after the throw that breaks these things in your “almost” indestructable sticks? :slight_smile: