wtb: Sanwa JLW




There is no round gate for the JLF. The closest you’ll get is an octagonal.

the JLW does have a round gate, I believe


yea JLF is octagon only, JLW has the round gate


So if I want a round gate, I should just change the entire stick to JLW, correct? I’ll just edit my post. Thanks for the heads up, guys.


how did you change your thread title anyway?


I just clicked on the edit button on the main post then click on the “Go Advanced”.


The JLW doesn’t come stock with a circular gate. It’s something you have to buy in addition to the stick itself. Just like how the octagon gate doesn’t come stock with a JLF.

You will need to buy the JLW and the GT-0 restrictor.



I see. Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know how much the JLW sticks go for?


Take a look at Lizardlick Amusements. They carry the JLW and GT-0 restrictor.