WTB: Sanwa joystick adaptors in bulk

Looking for this:

If you have these in bulk (10 or up), hit me up.

just asking, why do you need so many?

For ball tops

so salty

What you plan on doing with the balltops… i dont get it

Building sticks/customs I’d imagine.

Nah, it’s just for a project me and 5ive are starting. We have 3 prototypes of Golfball tops and gonna sell them later on.
Pictures will be posted later on nest week.
tbh im looking to buy around 30-50, but any amount will do.
Also cause lizardlicks isn’t taking orders till monday and shipping takes like 3-5 weeks (im cheap lol)

huh? Lizardlicks usually never takes longer than 5 days… my last couple of orders were done in 3.

read…he said weeks

i live in Toronto too and one of my orders took 4 weeks to come, so he’s got a point there.

yea i am cheap… and still looking!
anyways if i dont get any people by like Wednesday i will delete the post and order off lizard licks…