Like the title says, im looking to buy a Sanwa joystick shaft extender for the JLF model,
this one:

i need 4 of them, if you got some or know where to get them at a cheaper price than arcadeshop let me know ok, thanks.

PM coming your way.

Did you get these for the gawd-awful panels from Khmerdroopy? I think I’ll need to invest in a set of these also

I wonder if Laugh has a regular stock of these.

yeah, i really need a few of those extenders, you know how short a JLF would be with those awful panels right? so, if you got a panel from khmerdroopy, you also going to need one of this. dont get me wrong, its playable, but i would like a longer shaft (no homo).


Can you post pics of the proper height with the khmerdroopy panels when you get the extenders in? I’m gonna hit up laugh’s thread to inquire if he has what I need to extend my shaft, no homo

aight man, sorry for the late reply, here are the pics.

this is the comparison side by side of the two different heights

in this height i cant even get my fingers between the balltop and the controlpanel

and here is with laugh’s adapter, it feels sweet.

i might be mistaken but that looks a higher than the normal height for them, but if you like it that way, cool beans bro - I have a suzo stick mounted at its maximum height and it feels real good at that level (ball is up at the top of my hand when im holding it)

That is coolness.
I’m going to order one from laugh.

I really need one of these myself, how can i?

You should get in contact with SRK member Laugh or you can post in his thread. He should have the extenders for sale. He ships from Korea.