Wtb- sanwa microswitch

i just need one sanwa microswitch i dont feel like buying a new stick just to gut it for one switch.

u need a microswitch for a JLF JLW or what?

i am sure you can purchase them through LizardLick

yeah lizardlicks gotem.

jlf and lizardlick is out of stock on them they where the first place i looked

I have the whole JLF PCB assembly for sale here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=173043 if you want to buy that. Let me know.

im sorry i think its a jlw not sure i guess ill post a pic… i have a namco mod

The easiest way to check is to see if your restrictor gate is held in by screws (Sanwa JLW) http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/jlw_tm_8.jpg, or if it snaps in in four corners (Sanwa JLF) http://lizardlick.com/images/for_sale/joysticks/jlf_tp_8t.jpg. Hope this helps.

well the restictor gate is held in by snaps but its def not a jlf due to there is no jlf board… i belive these might work http://lizardlick.com/images/sanwa_mso2.jpg but am i able to take the metal prong out that hits the switch? im not sure if the actual microswitch that are in there are original from the hori namco stick it self

Was the board replaced by 4 standalone microswitches? If that’s the case, even microswitches from Happ/IL joysticks will work. I use them in my JLF. The snap-in gate on the JLF has 8 plastic prongs that snap right into these switches.

yes it was replaced with 4 stand alone microswitches it looks like those happ ones would work i think i will try that happ one then. thanks for your help everyone :slight_smile: