WTB Sanwa Modded Stick

As I’m continually getting into the fighting scene, I’ve decided to purchase a real stick. I’m looking for a stick with Sanwa parts in it, not limited to being a custom stick. In fact, I’m actually inclined towards a sanwa modded HRAP 2, but possibly with button fillers. If anyone has offers please Pm me or just respond.


Check with all the current stick makers if they have spots open. They have threads for that.

Also check this forum daily for people selling sticks and be sure to jump on them quick.

Hope that helps.

Check out the new HRAP2:SA, it’s pretty much what you’re looking for.


Well, I would buy a hrap2:sa if they weren’t impossible to find or didn’t cost so much from shipping and everything :[.
I figured it would be better to just buy an hrap2 and try to mod it, or get one that’s already modded.
Though, my search for just an hrap2 is hard also :\

Problem is, the HRAP 2’s are going stock on Ebay for close to 200 before shipping anyhow. Will cost more to find one there, then mod it, then it would to pay for one of the SA’s.

Unless you can hold out a couple months, and hope to score one of the amazon.jp HRAP 1’s that are supposed to be coming.

Still, I think the SA is worth it. I love mine. :smile:

i have a t5 sticks thats modded with all sanwa parts. the stick itself is a jlf. the tekken art work has been spray painted black. the first two buttons are plugged and the start and select buttons are lowered a little bit. it’s in perfect working condition. . im looking to get $135 for it shipped. send me a pm if your a interested.

you can see a pic of it in this thread


it’s the red and black one in the first post