WTB Sanwa Mount Plate Screws

Looking to buy the 4 Gold colored screws that mount the Sanwa JLF to the Standard mounting plate. I recently bought a JLF, but it didn’t come with a mounting plate, but I had the mounting plate already, just no screws to hold it on…

Not sure if they sell a similar screw at Lowes or home depot or anything, but Would like to buy 4 of them. If anyone has any, send me a PM and we can hopefully work something out.



im sure they sell them at lowes… one guy here used the same screws that come on a light switch plate!

If you do some searching on here you will find the srew size, but I am not sure about gold.

3x10mm machine screws would work


you can pick stuff up from any hardware store. you will need nuts as well. it costed me a total of $1.25 for a set of 4 at ace hardware.

Metric machine screw pan head phillips


M5 Pitch.8 x however long you need it

  • 4 nylock nuts M5 pitch.8
  • washers
    = <$3.00 at your local hardware store.

That’s what I used for my LS-32 b/c it didn’t come with nuts/screws

Thanks for the input guys, but I am not talking about screws to mount the plate to the Box. I am talking about the 4 little screws that mount the stick to the mounting plate.

I’m gonna go to Lowes today and see if they sell the 3x10mm screws. If not, i’ll try the lightswitch route.

Nobody has 4 stock screws laying around??

Your post is very confusing. I am guessing you mean, you need the screws that mount the actual joystick to the mounting plate, and not the 4 screws that mount the actual mounting plate to the case? If so you are going to need 3mm x 10mm. But I believe it the screw=m3 and the pitch = .4 will work too. But just call your local hardware store and see if you can get a 3mm x 10mm. You can always check out your local hobby shop. I got it at my local hobby store. Always call in and ask. If you can’t find it around you area drop me a pm and I will go scoop some up for you.

It is a little confusing, Maybe I should post a picture…

What I need is the 4 little Screws that are Circled. They attatch the Stick to the mounting plate.

I’ll stop by Lowes Today and see if they have any, if not I may have to try a Hobby Shop of Sorts…

Sorry for the confusion and thanks!


I found a match at ACE hardware this weekend.

I used Flat Head philips metric - M3x8 pitch 0.5 and M3 nuts.
These were exactly the same as the ones I pulled from the JLF from my HRAP EX.
They weren’t gold colored though, but the original ones were not either. I installed them and they fit perfectly, even the nuts that go into the stick.

Yeah Ace Hardware does sell some metrics. I can also sell you a set of screws/nuts for $1 plus shipping (cost of a stamp if you want to go that way although there’s a decent chance the envelope will get damaged with screws in it.