WTB: Sanwa OBSC-30s


WTB Sanwa OBSC-30s ( colored rim and skeleton center )

I know I could get some seimitsus and swap some switches but it just isn’t the same, in fact I have a set of clear seimitsus with sanwa RG swiches and the fit and feel isn’t how I thought it would be. Nothing beats a full sanwa button IMO… SOOO… If anyone has a set or even just a couple of OBSC-30s that you could spare I’d gladly buy them if the price is reasonable… I remember reading recently that kfree of modchipman was doing an interest check or said he could get in and that was in the middle of summer of 09… And I think the pricing was about 6~7.00 a button so yea…

Would like a green set but any color will do! Thanks for looking.


Man, I was looking for these too! I also read the same post that and send him a pm/email…but to no avail. G’luck beast!

and hey! stop stealing my tvc team!


Kfree did get some. You should try him. The price you listed was correct. I bought a set of eight yellow OBSC-RG’s from him . Sorry, mine are not for sale…


I got 6 green ones but with seimitsu nuts I pulled out of my briefstick case. Let me get home and check on the condition of them. I think they are in really good condtion, I got some acrylic polish to make them look nice and new. I would part with them for $40 shipped. Just so you know I paid about $50 for them new and went through some drama with the guy from canada to get them.

http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Wireless360/th_DSC02743.jpg http://i730.photobucket.com/albums/ww301/rtdzign/Wireless360/th_DSC02744.jpg


that’s sounds real good! Keep me posted please!

yea Ill PM him if rtdzign decides to keep his set

Condor Joe is where ts at brotha!


I wish infamouskid was cool person.
Then I can still buy some OBSC-30 from him.

beastSPL, I’m going to wait for your word on ModChipMan.
I remember he saying he can get them too.
And I know masturfader bought from him.


Hey beastSPL, if you do decide to contact kfree at modchipman.com, lemme know. I want to try and get some red screw-in OBSC-30-RG buttons for a custom case I’m commissioning. :tup:


If anyone wants those buttons i can help out . I have set of each of the buttons.


Check your pm beastSPL.


meus, just wanting to know for future.
How many Buttons are in a Set?
And you have all four colors?


@ rtdizgn
got any more pictures of the buttons??? like oustide the case?

@ meus
i should have known and asked you personally lol … what colors you got??


I bought all the 4 colors in 8 buttons set of each colors. For RG buttons got only 2 blue and yellow.

all 4 of them with 8 buttons each color.


Bought a green set from rtdzign and theyre great! looking for another set once i get paid thursday :: looks at Meus ::


Did they make all-clear OBSC-30s, like the rims are also clear, like the plunger? If so, I want some. Please let me know.


Did not.
Only Seimitsu.