WTB: Sanwa OBSF-30 Light Blue Rims/Plungers, Sanwa Light Blue Balltop


As the title explains I’m looking for a few parts.

[S]I need 6 Light Blue OBSF-30 Plungers[/S] This is complete.

I need 2 Light Blue OBSF-30 Rims

I need 1 Sanwa Light Blue Balltop (Regular or Mesh)

I am willing to pay $1 for each button part, $2 for a regular balltop, and $11 for a mesh one. I DO NOT need any microswitches!

I will pay no more than $5 for shipping to 77840. Please PM if interested. Thank you!


I might have the plungers. I’ll look when I get home tonight and send you a PM.


Thank you kindly.


I have the balltop and a couple of the rims and plungers i believe.


That’s good news. Just let me know via PM.