WTB: Sanwa parts

I am looking for:

_8 dark blue OBSF 30mm sanwa pushbuttons

_1 JLF-TP-8(SK or YT) (mounted and with harness)

_1 Dark blue LB-35 sanwa ball-top

Used parts are fine as long as they work well

If someone happens to have all of this for sale as a package deal for a better price than what I can get on ebay and lizardlick($50+$6 shipping) that would be great, but if you have some extra parts you’d sell for a decent price that’s fine too.(I just don’t want uneven sets of buttons:))


If you are still interested, I have a set of the 8 dark blue sanwa obsf-30mm buttons, 1 dark blue balltop, and 2 dark blue obsf-24mm buttons. They are in like new condition.