WTB Sanwa Stick For Xbox 360 (Prefer TE/TE S)

I recently sold both of my arcade sticks so I am looking to get a new one. It needs to be for 360, full Sanwa and bigger than a SE, and everything on it needs to work. I don’t want one of the big Hori sticks either. I don’t really want a dual mod or a custom stick, they’re nice but I just don’t want to pay extra for it.

Ideally I am interested in a TE S but I am open to other offers, would like to get it in time for SFxT if not, I’ll just buy one of the new Madcatz sticks but they’re taking too long to come out. Make offers in the thread and we can go to PMs from there. Thanks.


Updated the post to be more specific to what I want.

I have a dual-modded TE-S If you’re interested.

I have R1 TE for 360 in great condition for $110 shipped. it has a small scratched spot which isn’t noticeable in photos.