WTB: Saturn Pad for PS2

Really I just need a spare part. I need the blue rubber pad that sits underneath the dpad.

shouldn’t the rubber pad from the original sega saturn pad work too?

That rubber piece for the Saturn pads I’ve looked at were not quite a match. Has anyone found a match? Maybe I’ve been looking at the wrong controllers.

cyborg cop is my hero someone should help him out

Again, I am willing to buy the whole controller…

Do you want the ascii one I bought?

You just need a saturn pad? I can pick one up easy since im in japan. Send me a pm

I was just wondering why people spend so much on ps2 saturn pads when you can get a new regular saturn pad for like 8 bucks new. Are the saturn to ps2 converters that bad? I had a ps2 saturn pad I bought a long time ago and thought it was alright, but just recently I bought a couple new plain old saturn pads from a tip on a post here, and I can honestly say I like the feel of the regular saturn pads over the ps2 saturn pads. It’s not a big difference, and I never tested them side by side, but I dont’ remember my execution being as good on the ps2 pad. Maybe I am giong crazy, but they did seem a bit different.

I’m sure the Saturn pad for Saturn is a little different, but mainly I just don’t like the idea of a converter…lag and controller port burnout issues and whatnot.

StridaJin, PM sent.