WTB Saturn Pad USB PS3

I was playing MvC3 today and my pad just gave out a while ago. The D-Pad gets stuck, then when I took it out to fix it the controller goes nuts with the commands. Pssh, I hate these saturn pad rejects. They break too damn easily. I need a real man’s saturn pad for PS3 something like thatvvvv

so who’s got one for sale?

if somebody has the original saturn controller non usb, I can work with that also. I’ll just have to get a magic box or something. I just don’t want thisvvvv I got like 8 of these things and they all broke the same way

I’ve got one that looks like the all black one, but it’s got SLS on the back. Another knockoff?

those sls sticker ones are good, or so I’ve heard. Does it work on PS3? Willing to sell it?

Yeah, it works on the PS3, tried it out when I was waffling on pad vs. stick a year ago. I’d be willing to sell it for $10, since I’ve got a couple.

cool, whats your paypal info address and I’ll send it immediately

It’s adre2002@yahoo.com . Shoot me an address, and I’ll ship it out this afternoon before work.

it is sent, thank you.