WTB Saturn Ps2 pad

Looking to track down one of these apparently hard to find controllers…pm me with info and thanks in advance.


How much are you willing to pay for one?

85$ shipped?

Dang, sold mine for 50 shipped about a month or two ago. Anyway, my advice, get a real saturn pad and a converter. I honestly liked the feel of the real saturn pad better than the ps2 saturn pad. Pretty close though. My two cents anyway.

I have one. it works for PC as well, no adapter or converters needed. mine is PS and USB for PC. make it $100 and it’s yours. so think as if you spend the extra $15 buying a ps to usb adapter if you were to get it seperate. PM if interested for more details and pic.

so think of this:

and this:

but combined.

There is no converter for Saturn to PS2 (not one that works well anyway) otherwise the PS2 Saturn Pad would be worth a lot less.

^ Ah, you’re right. Could have sworn I saw a converter for saturn to ps2, but now I’m pretty confident i didn’t. The converter would have to add a button too, for the select. Anyway, guess the only alternative (for using a saturn pad) would be to padhack a ps pad and hook up the saturn pad to it like you would making a custom joystick. Although I feel like there is something inherently unwholesome about about padhacking a pad to hook another pad up to it :slight_smile: Looks like it might be easier just to buy the thing anyway.