Wtb: saturn rj-45 cable for mc cthulhu (aka, i tried to make my own and failed)


I’m having a hellova time making a saturn cable for my MC Cthulhu mod and even though every cable I crimp for the saturn doesn’t work, the rest of the cables I crimp for multiple consoles work just fine, on multiple Cthulhu boards.

I’m looking for a Pre-crimped and TESTED cable, one with a Neutrik boot/connector protector (I have one if you would like me to send it to you first).

Moved to the Trading Outlet

Gummo makes these for $10 + shipping I believe (no fancy Neutrik though)


sent him a PM.

I can add the neutrik when I get it… if he still does it.



Still looking…


Ooof I wish you luck. I have my Cthulhu coming in the mail and I’ll be crimping my own if I can figure out how exactly to wire console cables to the MC Cthulhu. Saturn will definitely be included so if I’m successful in my own attempts I’ll let you know!


The thing is, I’ve Crimped saturn cables before… I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


Then it should be “fun” for me. I’m already dreading the Cthulhu.


bump. still looking.


found. thanks!