WTB: Saturn USB (PS3) (Again)


soooo my latest one gave out on me a couple of days ago, and I went through a whooping 8 of these things yes I’m serious. I want to just get another stick, but school tuition is clamping me down once again. Anybody have another one up for sale post in here, thank you.


PM sent


still in the market for one of these. Anybody with an extra one message me!


Damn man, one time was enough for me to decide that the build quality on the USB Saturn pads is absolute crap. Eight times? Yeesh, you must really enjoy that controller. I did too, but I wasn’t about to pay another $35 for something that’d last me six months at the most. My recommendation: get a Saturn adapter and one of the official controllers for the console - that way you can be assured that it’s going to handle the abuse and not fall apart.

Just wondering, but how did it give out? My d-pad practically broke off.


Yeah after awhile I gave that into consideration as well, but I was always able to get these things somewhat cheap so I guess why that explains their limited use hahahaha. Some of the dpads broke off for me as well, others would just get stuck in manner where they would become unusable. I’ll buy one more then I’m considering other options for my pad experiences.


are the ps2 versions just as bad?


The Hori Commander pro 3 it’s for 22 Shipped on Amazon.


they can’t be any worse than what I’ve been using (USB PS3). I’ve even heard strange stories of people’s dpad breaking off less than a week in! o:

I see it thx. I’ll head over there if I can’t find anything here.

EDIT - Found a seller. Transaction pending.


I Think it’s cheap http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0057WDD6O


This is the one you’ve had trouble with? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3623/3334930346_cb3d959ce3.jpg and is it always the dpad/physical buttons or has the pcb crapped out too?


Yep that’s one, and I had a gray one just like that also. But just like the others the dpad decided it could take no more.


Yes, it’s because the rubber underneath the d-pad is very low quality. When I inspected it to see why my down suddenly stopped working, I looked inside to see that it had completely broken off/fallen through.

You know what, now that I think about it, why not get one of the console controllers and swap out the rubber pad underneath the d-pad?


Let me ask you. How much it cost you? It’s better then This Hori Commander PRO 3? I never had either. Only the MadCatz and Pdp ones for PS3/360.


the last one of these I bought was grey and somebody let it off for like 5-10 bucks iirc, you can find some on amazon for 15 bucks but I usually get better deals here lol.

it works just like the original saturn pad, but after about a couple of months you can start to feel the dpad slipping off until it actually does (or gets stuck). I would get a butter knife and take the dpad out, and then put it back in only for it to still feel stuck. I never tried hori commander pad, but I think I saw a review on it and it was positive.


The Hori Commander looks interesting, if I didn’t already have a stick, I’d probably give it a go. The missing right handle is the only weird thing about it.


SLS controllers are proof of the statement that “They just don’t make things like they used to anymore.” Just a thought: Since it sounds like already have the PCBs, have you considered slipping any of them into actual Saturn controllers?

I can assure you it works as I’ve personally tried it shortly after The Grouch’s post and I can assure you, it’s not very difficult. The plastic face buttons are all tabbed so they can only go in one hole if they fall out and the d-pad is locked in place. Aligning the PCB with the shell is a little tricky and you’ll want to transfer the shoulder buttons as well, since the S.L.S. ones have rubber buffers providing slightly more reach to compensate for smaller switches but otherwise, it couldn’t be easier as it’s completely modular.

I think it could be your best bet in your current situation given that:

[]Real saturn controllers are cheaper than current generation equipment,
]Have withstood the tests of time and real world abuse so the d-pads are unlikely to randomly snap due to poor build quality and;
[*]Have identical shape so you know firsthand what to expect of the feel and may continue to take 100% advantage of any retained muscle memory.
The only caveat is that after 17-11 years, most real Saturn controllers feel a bit roughly worn. Not sticky per-se but not exactly smooth either. I suppose that’s what happens when nobody ever really bothers to maintain them…