WTB scraps

First and foremost I would like to mention ive gone through 7 microswitches on my mas stick in around a year. I know its not mas’ fault being as they dont MAKE the microswitches but they provide them. So essentialy ive used up all of my extra buttons and my roomates off our sticks lol and were hardly runnin with 2 good sticks.

Im into fixing sticks and im pretty much just looking for scraps, for example someone has a broken micro switch i diagnose the problem they come to me with what will fix it and ill take the broken microswitch if they dont want it.

Being as there arent many people who are having problem sticks im now putting out the word that Im looking for scraps or guts to mas P360’s even a broken stick itself will work for me cause i still have the working shell, The insides of mine are worn down being as ive donated parts of my stick to those more needy. :slight_smile: and i have thier old parts they didnt need.

So if you have any parts or scraps to sticks get ahold of me some how by PM or email or something. Leave me a list and ill most likley be interested. (generally on a microswitch its the spring that goes out. They are so tiny and flat you cant just replace it. So most likley i wont need a microswitch unless its working.)

Im around the puyallup area and im more than willing to fix anyones stick for free.
all i ask is that if i do a good job and your satisfied spread the word.

If your not satisfied Ill try to fix it till you are. In the event i break a stick ill replace the parts by either purchasing them or using my own sticks parts. :slight_smile:

basically all im trying to do is get backstock on parts so that me my roomate and those who come here have something to play on all the time.

Thanks to everyone in advance, much appreciated

ive got a bunch of stick parts and buttons if you wanna buy them from me