WTB> scribblenaut rooster hat (the pre-order bonus hat)


Yeah this thing right here.

I’ll pay at least $10 for it, if you don’t think that’s fair just drop me a PM, I have lots of stuff I’d be willing to trade for it too (check out my selling topic if anything there catches your interest).


Theres plenty of them on ebay. Though they are going for at least 20-30 bucks. Good luck.


wow those hats going for 40 and up. What so special about those rooster hats lol


They are awesome and warm and fuzzy.


Put them on your kids or nieces/nephews. Makes a great photo.


lol Evelgest that’s a hot avatar.

these hats are fuckin sexy. there are pics from kotaku with everyone wearing em in new york waiting to buy the game.


Yeah, it’s just a pre-order bonus people got at Gamestop I believe, so there’s got to be a ton of them out there.

I upped my price, I’ll pay anywhere around $10 :looney: but if you do have one just check out my other topic and if anything there catches your fancy I wouldn’t mind a trade.

Yeah I think that’s a little steep for a hat.


thats cute :slight_smile: good luck!



C’mon you people are all gamers, did none of you preorder this game? :cool:


i have one of those.
PM me for an offer.


PMed TDeneka and haven’t heard anything back from him.

So, still looking for this.


OOoh! I’d like one too! I’ll pay 20$ for one :smiley: <3 beanie type hats :slight_smile:


Nobody? :sad:


I want one T_T


Yo I call first dibs. :cool:


I was at Gamestop today and they did their whole “Hey! You get an extra 25% in trade in credit if you reserve one of these games at the same time!” and this was on the list. I asked him if he had the hat still, because I was reminded of this thread, and he didn’t. :frowning: